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SIRCA review Workshop on Sept 24, 2010 @ Servelots, Bangalore

The workshop interrogates three concepts: “communities”, “technology” and “participation” by looking at two projects – the School Information Management System conceived as an open source tool where teachers can participate in using the technology; and the introduction of tele-centres in parts of Karnataka state for providing services to rural citizens through an intermediary, in this case the tele-centre operator and the private parties who established and continue to run the tele-centres. Such interrogations and analyses are critical to understand how communities are configured and reconfigured through implementation of technology and around the use and development of both ICTs and digital technologies. We believe that this work will also inform future interventions which intend to use ICTs for developmental purposes and for existing communities that have shaped around ideologies and projects such as free software, Wikipedia, open source, among others. In the process of looking at these questions, issues and objects, the project seeks to address the problem of ‘extent of participation’ in different circumstances and what do more or less participation tell us about the technologies themselves and the processes accompanying the introduction of ICTs as well as the social and historical context of communities.

MyST Report related Presentation is here.

TGC during July 28-29, 2010 @ Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Working Group in Technoscience : latest in a series of informal conversations on science, technology, and society

This meeting is formatted as an extended conversation. It is intended to be a self-organized /user-generated non-conference. All attendees are encouraged to present or facilitate a session, and to restrict their talks to 10 minute informal presentations, with lots of time for discussion and debate.

Purpose of the Meeting: There is a growing interest in the history, philosophy, sociology, and strategic futures of science and technology. In Europe, US, Latin America, and Japan, there are scholarly associations and regular meetings of societies for disciplines such as the History and Philosophy of Science; Science and Technology Studies, etc. In India, there are numerous specialized interest groups, NGOs and think tanks conducting research and advocacy in various fields relating to the social aspects of science and technology. These conversational spaces for informal discussion are intended not to consolidate but to broaden this existing landscape, and to connect “technoscience” scholars based in India with those based elsewhere.

Desired Outcomes: Enhancement of networks among scholars based in various parts of India and elsewhere. More here…

TGC during July 1-4, 2010 @ Istanbul.

This workshop is inspired by the Communities, Technology and Participation project, and earlier workshops, that is interested in understanding how communities are formed around the use and development of software; whether open source software can enhance the formation of communities; and the nature and extent of participation in different technology contexts. These questions emerged from an interest in developing a more multi-dimensional understanding of the fundamentals of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). In another words that ICTs are not merely technological interventions but that ICTs become part of the social, political, economic, cultural and historical contexts in which they are introduced. In order to understand why and how implementation takes place the way it does and how the targeted beneficiaries adapt/adopt and appropriate these technologies there is a need to study, analyze and theorize ICTs in relation to the immediate societal context.

This workshop investigates these questions with focus on urban settings and Istanbul in particular. The workshop concentrates on two aspects: talks that convey experiences, issues, and techniques; and in-depth discussions and hands-on applications. The aim is for participants to have ample time for engaging collaborative explorations based on the information and techniques presented. To this end some exploration regarding ICT in the City is also planned. Finally, there will be opportunities prior and after the official workshop to prepare and analyze material.
More here…

TGC (STS workshop) during Dec 12-14, 2007 @ Servelots, Bangalore.

Technology is central to new modes of governance, and to emerging definitions of citizenship, participation, and progress. As state functions get automated through e-­governance, experiences get codified, and paradigms of knowledge production come under the digital eye, the notions of governance and citizenship are changing. This conference explores questions at the intersection of technology and society in contemporary India, bringing together researchers and practitioners from a wide range of technical and social scientific backgrounds. Its aim is not so much to reiterate the conventional definitions of development, technology, transparency, and governance, but to unpack the construction of these terms in a way that allows us to make sense of the new practices of governance, and of contemporary politics, law and citizenship.
More here…

Learning,Teaching and Programming the web during Dec 21-22, 2007 @Servelots, Bangalore

The World Wide Web has transformed itself from a medium primarily used for delivering documents to one that delivers and runs rich, interactive applications to create community spaces. This transformation has brought along with it new opportunities for all of us engaged in learning and teaching: collaborative models like wiki’s, blogs, multimedia, and online communities and such are changing the way we learn. What new opportunities is new medium of web being used for teaching in different fields, specially engineering, sciences and computer sciences?
More here…


Principles Of Programming

More on this … Teaching Principles of Programming, using Javascript

School Information Management Systems

More on this … School (Information management for teachers) ProjectHOIT2007-schoolinfopaper

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