MyST, My School Tool

Abstract on the MyST report

Download the Nov 2010 version of MyST report.

During our project on Communities, Technology and Participation we chose to study School information Management as an important means of understanding how the community can collaborate, with one another and with us, to define and implement their technology needs. The communities of interest are groups of teachers, school officials, monitoring agencies and the software development interest group. The report describes in the requirements of data and work flow managements in schools, highlights the key issues in the use and development of a system in creating an environment of participative application development for a community for their data management needs. In summarising our findings, we observe that while there is sufficient commonality between schools in terms of the data and work flow processes, any school specific customization by the school officials is to be encouraged for the schools to feel empowered with such a system. Socio-cultural influences, localization, type and set up of the school and internal dynamics of participative collaboration are various aspects of a schools’ “My School Tool”.

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