ISIF-Accessibility Proposal

Many recent Web sites are Web 2.0 applications rather than just Web pages. Web 2.0 applications have effectively facilitated user generated content enabling their users to be producers as well as consumers. However, most websites are not developed with accessibility in mind. Thus visually handicapped people are largely excluded from their benefits as the applications do not aid a screen reading software to understand various visual and navigational aspects. Web 2.0 applications especially provision live updates which dynamically change the content on a screen and such updates need to be appropriately prompted to a screen reader so that the user is not rudely interrupted or the update ignored.

In developing countries like India, in addition to the visually handicapped there is another significant segment of the population, namely the insufficiently literate, who are also a large target community for provisioning screen reading of content. This segment would however benefit from a visually rich application that helps navigate the site while reading out the content. Furthermore, a tool for creating and managing locally relevant content is also needed. Local content is very relevant for addressing real and up to date information needs. We propose a platform for creating and managing locally relevant accessible content for communities. This platform will be designed with the intent to serve accessibility needs in a locally sustainable manner and will be built with the latest Web technologies.

More on the work done:

Workshop : Understanding WAI-ARIA

ISIF Proposal for Accessibility Study

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